Waste Gas Flares is your best choice for VOC disposal!

Flares should be a part of any plan to meet the Enviroment Protection Agency (EPA) and the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality (TCEQ) requirements. The TCEQ and EPA are requiring controls at all new oil and gas production facilities. The requirements and the equipment authorized are in the TCEQ Permit by Rule (PBR) 106.352. and in EPA New source Performance Standards. One of the requirements is for the production tanks to utilize flares or equivalent devices to reduce VOC emissions by 95%. In addition to general VOC control, there is a requirement for toxics control. Benzene in particular is the subject of new control requirements.


Simpler devices like flares provide a much more reliable and low maintenance approach to meeting the new environmental requirements from both the EPA and the TCEQ.

There are 3 models currently in production, based on volume requirements. The Low Volume 36 inch Flare can combust up to 23.5 MCF of gas per day, while the High Volume 36 inch Model can handle up to 49.4 MCF per day. We also have a 48 inch Model that can handle 56 MCF per day. Volumes are based on a 16 inch flame with low BTU gas. The flares feature the continuous spark ignition system, wind guards, heat shields, high temperature thermometer, sight glass and service hatch. Start-up is included, with complete installation and hook-up available.


Waste Gas Flares comply with section 112(r) of the Clean Air Act (CAA) in "Prevention of accidental releases". Furthermore, they meet the qualifications as a "non-air assisted flare" in CFR 40, S63.11(b) and the requirements for Hazardous Air Pollutant (HAP) reduction in S63.771(d) (1). These compliances were tested using Method 22 of S60 App. A, as required by S63.772(e)(2).

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